1. Kungtao

    32 cube?

    Okay, so I am really thinking of entering the octopus arena. I am currently running a 32 gallon bio cube, but am down to two fish. I have plenty of rock and a little bit of soft coral. I know that an octo requires a good stable system. I have that. The two fish would need rehomed, and...
  2. O

    Does anyone have an Octopus joubini (Atlantic Pygmy Octopus) in captivity / know of any aquariums? *Filming Request*

    Hello, I am making a series for a well known online streaming platform. The whole episode is about Cephalopods, and how they they have evolved to adapt and thrive throughout different habitats. We have a story on the Pygmy Oct, but due to them being nocturnal, and so tiny it makes it...
  3. R

    Octopus Joubini Missing

    Hi all I'm a new octopus owner. I ordered an octopus joubini who arrived on Friday 01/10/20. He (I named him Otys) was acclimated Friday afternoon and left in the tank. On Saturday morning I was unable to find him and he is still missing. I have him in a tank at my school and no one has seen...
  4. Nils Laicher

    Dwarf Octopus Tank

    Hey everyone, new here and very glad there is a forum specifically for cephalopods and octopus. I've been doing some reading the past few weeks about dwarf octopus since I saw one at my lfs recently. My setup - 10 gallon DT tank, 5.5 gallon sump with Refugium. Currently a reef with several...
  5. TheBricks

    Seeking octo

    If anyone knows a good source I'm looking for probably a joubini. I have a 65 ready to go.
  6. KD5054

    Dwarf Octopus-good for beginners?

    Hello all, Glad to be here as I have really felt myself being drawn to the aquatic side of things. I am going to be really new to the saltwater world and am looking to eventually get into the ceph side of the aquarium world. I have kept and maintained freshwater fish and have greatly...
  7. sedna

    [Octopus]: Pandora - O. joubini? Tom's Pick

    On arrival: time:12:30 pm temp= 60F pH=7.2 SG=1.027 On Sunday I called Tom (of Tom's Caribbean) and asked if how small the briareus (how do you pronounce that?) that he has are. We talked a bit and I told him I'd ordered from him before. He assured me he'd pick me a "good one" so I placed...
  8. M

    O. new guy!

    I just got my o. joubini...he acclimated for about 2 hours and then I released him...I hope he makes it!
  9. C

    Where can i find a o. joubini! Please help!

    Where can i find an o. joubini or an octopus of a smaller size such as the joubini. Please help! It would be great if the source of the octopus was in California, but any info. would help. Thanks.
  10. R

    octopus joubini eggs/young?

    Hi everyone! Every day I become more sure that my octopus is caring for eggs, and that I indeed have octopus joubini. I have looked on the internet and found this information -- The Pygmy Octopus, Octopus joubini, lays about 150 large eggs. Other baby octopuses, like the large egged...
  11. C


    hey, is there anyone who can give me some information on octopus joubini? Life span? Aquarium size? Feeding? General care. I found a producer (caribbeancreatures) that is selling them for $24, but I fear that the octopus will be too old, and has only half of its life left! please help!!!!!!
  12. N

    O. joubini - CB and Mates

    Must O. joubini be kept alone or can they have other octi as mates. Also where could I find CB O. joubini? Thanks for anyone help.
  13. T

    got a joubini

    hey, got a joubini and its so cool, he isnt very active but he isnt afraid also he likes to hang out, right now I have him in my 10 gallon, but I would really like to move him to my 55 gal, he wont bother the other fish since I got from a tank filled with damsels, but the problem is that the...

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