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  1. O

    Does anyone have an Octopus joubini (Atlantic Pygmy Octopus) in captivity / know of any aquariums? *Filming Request*

    Hello, I am making a series for a well known online streaming platform. The whole episode is about Cephalopods, and how they they have evolved to adapt and thrive throughout different habitats. We have a story on the Pygmy Oct, but due to them being nocturnal, and so tiny it makes it...
  2. R

    Octopus Joubini Missing

    Hi all I'm a new octopus owner. I ordered an octopus joubini who arrived on Friday 01/10/20. He (I named him Otys) was acclimated Friday afternoon and left in the tank. On Saturday morning I was unable to find him and he is still missing. I have him in a tank at my school and no one has seen...
  3. sedna

    [Octopus]: Pandora - O. joubini? Tom's Pick

    On arrival: time:12:30 pm temp= 60F pH=7.2 SG=1.027 On Sunday I called Tom (of Tom's Caribbean) and asked if how small the briareus (how do you pronounce that?) that he has are. We talked a bit and I told him I'd ordered from him before. He assured me he'd pick me a "good one" so I placed...
  4. M

    O. Joubini...my new guy!

    I just got my o. joubini...he acclimated for about 2 hours and then I released him...I hope he makes it!