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Octopus inked the tank!!


O. vulgaris
Jul 9, 2006
My octo inked the tank. The filter doesnt really seem to be taking care of the problem either. I was trying to feed him a crab and he got super pissed. What should I do? Is there anything that will help to get rid of the ink? I cant do a water change.
It would sound as though you are in a tough bind. I would try to beg borrow or steal a skimmer and find a way to start changing water out.

If you have some carbon get it into the filter. It will help. Hopefully some of the more experienced peeps will show up soon to give you a miracle.
You always need to keep water on hand for a water change. It might be a good idea to buy some from your LFS or mix up some from R0/DI water as soon as possible.

What do you mean by drums - are they plastic or metal?

Tank owners often store their saltwaer in Rubbermaid plastic garbage cans, the ones with wheels. Some people put in a small pump to keep the water circulating.

I don't know whether storing ocean water is a problem - it certainly would have more live things in it than saltwater prepared from a mix.
Someone here at TONMO.com must have experience with this.

I do know that the live phyloplankton that I buy to feed my reef tank needs to be refrigerated and this is what is added in real seawater compared to mixed.
I think that you would have a real mess after a week of sitting in a dark place. I believe that nitrates and ammonia would go through the roof as all the micro plants and animals died and rotted in stagnant seawater. I don't think it would add nitrates to make the water smelly or yellow because there wouldn't be any nitrogen cycle going on.
I have had stagnant seawater before, but never tested it. I always mix seawater and use it in the next couple days.

Does anyone have hands on experience with using real seawater?
Well Im about 2 miles away from where I can get water. Which is a long way to lug a barrel of water. So I have to rely on my dad, who often doesnt want to help me. Luckily he feels like it now so im off.
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