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Octopus in the Netherlands?


Jul 13, 2003
Hi all,

Since recently I have been following this forum, just after I got the idea to keep an octopus as a pet. Already got myself an aquarium (200L) and now fixing up some filtering system (no sump, wanna stay with a canister pump and a skimmer). It should be filled at the end of september (vacation first), and after that w'll see how the cycling goes.

Are there any Dutch of main land europians around with octopus experience? Any place to buy them (found a shop that sells vulgaris and the blue ringed one (no way!) but haven't heard of any bimac's that seem to be very populair.

About the food. I was thinking to use mussels from the supermarket (alive, quality packed) which are from the south of holland. You can buy them in 1 kg packages and they are delicous. I also want to use fresh caught crabs, oysters, shirmps, etc. that I can catch myself. My question is if there animals will stay alive (if not eaten) in my 22 degrees celsius aquarium? How harmfull is this temperature for them?

greets from holland

Hi rutger
i am just across the sea in Scotland and i know how difficult it is to get the right octo over here, bimacs are not commonly sold and most of our species available come from Indonesia, so i wouldn't even beleive the 'vulgaris' claim as i have orderd vulgaris several times and never got one... always a different species :smile:

So, bimacs are not easily found.

So far, you are the first member from your part of the world so looks like you'll need to do all the legwork in finding a good supplier etc, sorry :smile: but keep us up to date and if you are having no luck, let me know and i can phone a couple of people who i know in the trade to see if they can point you in the right direction


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