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Sep 20, 2005
I have a few questions about mommy octos and there eggs...
I am wondering if when they lay there eggs will the hach or do they need to be furtilized by the male??????

I also am woundering if any one acctually gose down to the beach to find food for there octos and if they do what do you use???
as far as my knollege goes, i beleve that the male/ female octo mate, the female stores the males seman, when she lays her eggs she sprinkles the semen on the eggs wich in tern fertilizes them, i may be wrong so i wouldent put you money on this. if i lived by the ocean, i would collect food, as the weekly shipments of live shrimp are severly hurting my "car system" fund, but sadly in live right in the middle of texas, and huricane rita did not decided to airlift any cuttle food to me.
BUT you can get infertile eggs and Octowanabee, the mother ALWAYS dies, besides baby octos are much more work than adults (and they're heaps of work!). Don't run before you can walk! It will horribly disappointing for you (and not to mention the octos) if you lose the adults and then the babies (this happens even to experienced octopus keepers!) plus are you really set up to house many (can be 100's) of baby octopus in a set up where the babies can be isolated from each other.............they are cannibals, can you get in large quantities of krill or mysid shrimps to feed the babies?????

Just a few of the problems associated with rearing baby octopus!!


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