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Octo Wanted


Pygmy Octopus
Jun 30, 2006
I am after a Octo For a large 240 tank or an Octo for a 50 tank. I have cycled both tanks for about 3 months. I would love to have a Large octo for my 240 tank but cant find on. So i feel that I need an octo for the 50 tank. Does any body have any sugestions on either.
A 240 is a big tank just for an octo. What else will be in the tank? If you want a bimac I would go with 55-75 gallon as its cheeper to chill. A vulgaris needs something around 100-125g. So basicly if you use the 240 you will have a big tank with nothing in it except a octopus which will be hiding most of the time. personnally if I had the tank I would do cuttlefish but they are a bit more difficult to keep as they need more food which is usually alive.
As an alternate :sagrin: , look at some of Zyan Silivers latest posts. He has several bimacs available that he raised from eggs and the young are now breeding. From what Zyan has observed, your larger tank would accomodate a pair and these are already somewhat social (their life span is limited but WC would be even more so).

The provided link is a thread where Zyan last posted availability. You can click on his name (spelled correctly there :oops: ) and it will give you a drop down menu that includes contact access.

Octopus Availability

One way to find a Vulgaris (large Atlantic) is to locate an independent diver on the web (eBay often has self collected specimens of soft coral, critters and fish) and email a specific collection request. When you find a collector with a good rating, you might ask if anyone has used him/her here on TONMO but you are more likely to get a healthy critter using a direct method and from an area that you know cyanid is not used (it is not used anywhere in this country). What you will not get is one that you will know the age and its lifespan could be extremely short. This is true of buying them in a local pet shop, on-line pet shop or from a wholesaler since they are all wild caught but it will have made one less trip and have been in fewer tanks. Most of the independent divers know how to pack the critter for safe shipping but be sure you find someone that has some kind of positive current references. Also be sure your diver has collected octopus in the past and knows the difference between a pygmy, a briarius and a vulgaris or you will end up with an adult Mercatoris (especially at this time of the year). Octopus Id is a gamble no matter which way you choose to locate a wild caught animal.

The only captive raised I have seen for sale are the bimacs here on TONMO and at the moment, only Zyan shows any available. I have not seen captive bred at all but we are all pulling for Zyan to close the circle with some of his (further looks into Zyan's recent posts will take you to a pair of his CR that have mated).

I know Marine Depot Live deals in captive raised (specifically CB seahorses) when they can find a supplier and you might call them to see if their current bimac stock is WC or CR (highly unlikely they are captive bred).

Good luck in your continued self-education:smile:

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