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octo stimulus


Feb 21, 2007
i am fairly new to octos know basics (aka need tight lids, no fish, need real good filtration) but had one question. i had heard octos like a little stimulus, like baby toys etc. i know eels can be kept in open top aquariums so long as they have enough live rock, so my question is could an octo ke kept w/ very few (only one or two) openings in the tank so long as he had plenty of stimulus to keep him busy?

Some species are more prone to escape than others (see this thread), but I'm not sure you could ever count on an octo being busy enough not to try it. Some octo escape stories have also been recounted on a thread I can't find right now (anyone else, help?) but here's one. The octopus at the local aquarium here got out recently - she had been steadily dismantling the overflow without anyone noticing, until she was able to push up the lid and get out. They found her, too late, underneath the stonefish tank. :cry:
ok, i have one spot in the tank that im having a hard time, can any of u suggest a way to octo proof it? the gap is 15.5" longx3.5" wide


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Mesh and duct tape! or you could cut some MDF to shape and then stick bricks on it! If you are especially handy you could hinge a piece of MDF to the existing wood and cut it to shape round the pipes and latch it at that side. (I have to emphasis here that I am NOT handy! Which is why I'd go with mesh and duct tape! )

use soft plastic fishing lures(non flavored) they love em. you can get all shapes and sizes. some octos will take bites out of them, others will rip them apart and some will simply stalk them and jump on them repeatedly
What a great idea !!!! I gave up fishing about two years ago, but still have bags of wonderworms and the like...good call !
Thanks, I had looked at some on eBay but was worried that if they bit them there might be a problem. Trap is barely bitting her dead crabs now (tonight she just ate the gooy inards and no meat so I expect hatchlings soon - maybe) but I will try some of these with my next (or any surviving mercatoris).
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