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Octo stays in his den


Apr 24, 2006
Hi Forum,

i have my first Octo (my dealer told me that it´s Octopus vulgaris from the Philipines and won´t raise very much - i hope he´s right), 5" wingspan for two weeks now.

He´s eating a lot of frozen crabs und mussels.

But he always stays in his den. I tried to get him out with different plastic-tins with holes and filled with a lot differents foods.

But no chance, he won´t come out.

Do you know other ways?

Best wishes

Yes, just content yourself with observing your new octopus. We have a problem here that the octopuses turn out not to be the species they're supposed to be. So you may or may not have a vulgaris.

It's common for octopuses to hide for a week or two, sometimes even longer, while they get used to their new surroundings.

It's possible your octopus is nocturnal and will come out at night.

How bright are your lights? Octopuses don't need bright lights - in fact, too much light may cause them to stay in their dens.

Another possibility is that you have an adult version of a small octopus, which is going to lay eggs. In that case, the octopus stays in its den.

Any chance of getting a small live crab or two for your new pet?

:welcome: Kristof,

As you read posts from other octo owners, you'll see that most octos hide out in their dens until they get to know you. Your octo may be watching you when you aren't watching him.
Hi Forum,

thanks for your responses.

3 days ago, he was out of his den in the night. :smile:

But since that time he stays in his den again.

So i will wait longer. I will buy some live crabs in the next days. Perhaps that will help.

Best wishes


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