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Octo psychology


Blue Ring
Mar 17, 2003
Hey guys,

I'm currently not working, and as a result, watching my tanks quite a bit right now. I have a couple of questions about how you experienced octo owners behave towards your octos.

When you first got your octos, did you try to give them a bit of privacy, to let them get used to the tank, then move on to getting used to having a large food monkey looking at them all the time, or did you just sort of immerse them in the experience of being captive and on display? I don't know in the long run if it will affect Squishy's idea of me, and hence her future interaction with me if I am glued to the side of the tank watching to see what she's up to. Currently, while I watch her, she sees me watching her, and either gets very still and tries to look rock-like, or stealthily moves away into a hiding spot. I'm guessing it'll take her some time to figure out that I'm not going to try to eat her, but I'd like to try to make that as easy a concept to get as possible.

Anyone have any relevant experiences to share?

When I first got Pudge, he hid for a couple days and when he comes out and sees me he turns dark brown and looks pointy. I would give Squishy some privacy for the first week or two, or always have the lights off, which is working spectacularly with Pudge, who now comes out for 20+ minutes at a time and comes out at least 3 thimes every two hours.
Actually, squishy almost never hides. She has a couple of hidey holes she uses to sleep in and to skulk off to, but for the most part, she sits out on something. It might be on the back side of a rock, but it's hardly ever under something or in a hole. I tend to look in at her about once an hour, or whenever I'm passing by.

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