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Octo in Bay Area needs home

Antelope Valley is just a "hop, skip and jump" from the Bay Area? You must have a faster car than I did when I lived out there!
erich orser said:
Antelope Valley is just a "hop, skip and jump" from the Bay Area? You must have a faster car than I did when I lived out there!

Ah, but Antelope isn't in Antelope Valley:

Google Maps

Anyway, Wygreph's occupation is listed as pizza guy, so perhaps he's from the Hiro Protagonist school of pizza delivery...
I have him!

After a few back and forths with the guy from reefcentral, I went last night and picked him up. I live in Santa Cruz and the octopus was up near Oakland, so it's about a 75 min drive back to my house and I was worried he might ink, but he didn't.

I acclimated him for about 45 min and then he deftly climbed out of the bag; haven't see him since. I have a bunch of hermit crabs in my tank so I know he won't go hungry, but I will have to see if they start disappearing.

I've been cycling my 75 gallon setup for ages (I have a Magnum 350 and a Remora AquaC). It's nice to finally have a resident!

I can't say much more at this point about whether he is really an Aculeatus. His coloration looked darker than most of the pictures online, but it's not clear to me how much variation there is among individuals in this species, or whether this is his typical color. His arms do look longer with respect to the mantle than many of the (e.g.) vulgaris I have seen, so maybe that is another clue.

I'll post again when he starts spending some time outside the den and I can get some pictures.

I'd been worrying about The Octopus Who Needs A Home, so I'm so glad you took him! Does he have a name yet? I'd like to add him to the List of Our Octopuses.

Keep us posted!

It's good to hear someone got the dislocated friend. Was the guy in Oakland pretty reasonable about it? He didn't try to rob you at the last moment did he?

Can't wait for the pics!
I don't want to be morbid, but honestly I wanted to wait a few days to make sure he was doing OK before naming him. He seems to have been doing well before I got him (in a 12G nano!) and my water parameters are great so I am not too worried, but still.

The guy was very friendly and reasonable. I paid him $20. I had offered more, but he said that was fine since I drove to get him on >$3/gallon gas :)
Moving to Journals

My octopus has survived a whole day. I've seen him again now, so am happy to name him: Little Sucker.

I'm going to start a new thread over in the Journals forum.

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