Octo cake pan

Now I've figured this out - the octopus cake pan is made by Nordic Ware (probably a Bundt cake pan) and is an Williams Sonoma exclusive.

Fancy Bundt pans (like castles) are very popular right now.

I saw a poll on a cooking website - do you love or hate the octopus cake pan? 330 people had voted and more than 80% loved it!

WS has some fancy messalunas, Dan!

...An now I will know that a messaluna is a half moon knife when my Banking VP Chef sister (with her two kitchens and grill zebo) tells me she spent a fortune on yet another knife. She bought a knife for my house for when she visits - kept sheathed in the drawer at all other times - because she could not tollerate any of mine :roll:. (even for a weekend).

Nancy, I'm glad you think the pan will work with a bunt cake since I can manage one of those if the grand kids help :mrgreen: I also figure I can make a geletin salad for Xmas with it (if I can find my old instructions) for ... something different. If all else fails it will make a great beach mold. All that predicated on it going for ten dollars under retail, including shipping and there are already several bidders.

Some of us cook, some of us eat :cool2:.
Maybe WS and NordicWare should be rewarded for being creative enough to come up with an octopus cake pan! I'll bet they sell a lot!

I called and asked my local WS about the pan and they said it required a Bundt-type cake to be dense enough so that you could see all the features in the design. It's supposed to come with recipes.

Interesting knives you all have for chopping!

Recipes? OH, you mean the instructions on the back of the box, right?

Thanks Dan, I forwarded the link to my sister. She DOES grow her own Basil ...
well, the cake pan is already up to retail price once you add in the shipping costs so I will wait until it is less popular. It turns out WS also has a kids octopus apron so I will have to watch for a pair of those too :roll:

I may not let them call me Grandma but I catch myself acting like one more than I like to admit :hmm:
Your nephew MUST be referring to you, aunty M, who else in the family has been to OZ?

Yes, the grand kids call me D and the neices and nephews, Aunt D. I told my son I would accept GD as a nick name but he and his wife immediately negated the idea :twisted:. NaNa, Mimi, GaGa etc are just not my thing and the G word is out of the question. I admit to being their grandmother, they just don't address me that way.
Well, I was in Williams Sonoma today and what should I see but the Octopus Cake Pan - cuter than the photos, and they had baked and decorated one themselves.

So I now have an Octopus Cake Pan and will be baking an octopus cake within the next few weeks. I just need to figure out what to use for the suckers!


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