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There is a nice extension for Firefox offered free from Mozilla that is really, really simple to install (push a button) and will let you right click on any photo displayed in the browser window to see the shooting info. It offers an easy way to display your own photos in the browser window (without having to type in the full drive address) to view local picture information and I expect it to be helpful to find my best settings for the aquarium.

You may have this info available with your picture editor but this is a nice quick and dirty way to view it (you can't modify it with the plug-in). Firefox is not my browser of choice but I keep it handy for testing cross browser displays and will use it for my pictures since window has no problem with having multiple browsers open at one time. Let me know if you want something like this but don't have Firefox available and I will see what else I can find (hoping you don't use a Mac as I don't have a test machine to try out anything for Safari. I do have the Windows version though :biggrin2:)
to see the shooting info

I have that on the software that came with my camera, and it is helpful, so you can see what your doing, either right or wrong. but still brain straining for me , still brain straining for me at this point there's also something I can purchase to go with the software that gives me more options, but still looking into that and re-reading your posts! :roll:
The nice thing about the Firefox plug-in is that you don't have to bring up other software so if you are viewing pictures (yours OR some else's) you can look at the ISO and Lens openings. I expect this will be more useful for me than you since I shoot under only about 3 differing conditions and want to find the best settings and save them to the presets. It still may be helpful to you though when you are shooting macro mode if you take a multitude of pictures, then pick the best ones and write/save down the two settings.
Well I've got a couple of different modes I want to preset for fossils, of course there's weather to deal with but those issues can (sometimes) be corrected through editing. But still playing around with those settings. You'll be able to see with the pics. I'll post in a minute are really grainy, but I used the same settings with the previous pics. posted, which are better and fairly clear.

The nice thing about the Firefox plug-in is that you don't have to bring up other software so if you are viewing pictures (yours OR some else's) you can look at the ISO and Lens openings

This does sound very cool!

Where could we start a photography thread? One that would include issues for fossil pics., tank shooting, videos and issues with new cameras. There are even issues with posting pics. and videos that could be addressed.
I started to make a supporters thread but decided the Octopuses Den->Photo of the Month (POTM) subforum (inactive) would be an ideal place to collect and discuss all the topics you mentioned and still be an open forum. There are scattered bits and pieces of photo wisdom around and I will try to copy them to the thread as I find them but new posts/questions will be the best way to bring information to the thread.

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