Octo cake pan

Nancy;99125 said:
Well, I was in Williams Sonoma today and what should I see but the Octopus Cake Pan - cuter than the photos, and the salespeople had baked and decorated an octopus cake themselves.

So I now have an Octopus Cake Pan and will be baking an octopus cake within the next few weeks. I just need to figure out what to use for the suckers!


Froot Loops?
Those would work! :smile:

I was thinking of using white chocolate chips turned upside down, and outline each of them!

Possibilities are unlimited!

An entirely different context for, say Cuttlegirl to tell Nancy "I'm gonna get you suckers" than how it's normally said... :tomato:
Please keep making decorating suggestions! I think the kids can handle the white chocolate chips (and the diners will find them positive) so that one goes on my list but more premade add ons are desired!
Next time I go to Walgreens, I'm going to look in the candy department for small colorful candies. I thought about slicing small gumdrops, but they might turn dry.


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