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Noisy protein skimmer solution and activated carbon


Pygmy Octopus
Dec 15, 2002

After a recent octopus disaster, I decided it might be wise to enlist activated carbon into my anti-pollutant ranks. First, some relevant history. When I initially stuck my protein skimmer in the sump, the water output made a great deal of noise as it splashed into the water below. As can be seen circled in red in the included photo, I built a tower lined with a filter to disperse and decelerate the water, thereby dampening the noise. (It's composed of stacked water-container-nozzles with a few pieces of pantyhose stretched across the interior, periodically. Another piece of pantyhose is stretched over the lip of the protein skimmer output to guide the water into the tower. Adds an effeminate flavor to the water, I suppose. :shock:) To my question: would it be a worthwhile action to put activated carbon into this tower? I was thinking I could stuff some sponge up its rear end and pour carbon pellets into the tube from the top. My two reservations are as follows: the water flow may be too small to have any impact on my 55 gallon aquarium, or the protein skimmer may have already eliminated most of the contaminants that the carbon would address, so the activated carbon would be more efficiently placed elsewhere. I can't think of a better location, however. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
I cannot say whether or not it will have any impact, as I'm relatively new to the hobby. But I just wanted to commend you on the great idea. It's always good to see people who are always thinking and coming up with new ideas.

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