[News]: Where To See A Giant Squid And A Pickled Pangolin - Londonist

I know, but I still think there should be a lot better ways to preserve such a creature. The eyes may be iffy, but the Paris based plasticised Architeuthis specimen to me looks a lot more like the real thing, albeit shrunk by 20%, I believe.
That's one VERY expensive tank!

I try to stress to museums that a full-length tank isn't the way to display one of these things; they just make the squid look small, given the long tentacles and empty space.

The squid needs to be suspended in their somehow. The squid appears to be in the main collections room, so few people would (I hope) be able to wander through there and see it. They'll get a few more in there yet.

That's one VERY IMPRESSIVE collection facility! I haven't seen many like that!!
Expensive tank maybe, but it really is impressive to walk alongside it and see the squid displayed outstretched. And I believe they do take tours through there pretty regularly.

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