[News]: Very Large Colossal Squid Caught

Most interesting. If this does contain footage of the last Messie capture, then unless I am very much mistaken, I think it's the first time the footage has entered the public domain. I'd love to see this though seeing a squid speared might prove a little harrowing for some viewers and I suspect it'll be edited out.
Clem;99480 said:

How was "Antarctic Encounters"? Anyone? I'm dyin', here.


Would you believe I managed to miss it :banghead:

However one of the observers has a copy so we'll probably have a viewing for the whole office.
Just a passing aside -

Remember my YouTube video of Messie I posted back in February? I just checked it and found, to my amazement, that it has had a staggering 215,340 hits and is the 40th most watched 'Pets and Animals' video of all time on that site. There is indeed a great deal of interest in this animal out there. I made it to promote this site, so I wonder if anyone has actually joined as a result of watching it?

Has anyone seen Antarctic Encounters here yet?
Impressive! I haven't traced any sources back to YouTube, but then again, because the video is not a "link" but rather just shows the URL, it's hard to tell how many people decided to visit the site by typing it in. With that many views, I'm sure it was a decent number! Thanks again for that.
Well, I wonder why some people did not even posted more stupid comments at the video. I read there some of the most stupid comments I have even seen in the internet.
And it is really strange how religous discussions and religion and the origin of Christmas emerged in the comments of this video...
To reopen the debate: is this the first genuine shot of the eye of Mesonychoteuthis? Big, dark and googly?
Well, if we're talking about visible eyes on half-dead Mesos, I think that's the second example. Specimen in the photo below gets my vote for first (beat the 450kg monster by a few weeks).



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We'll know for sure in 5 months. It sounds like a long way away, but I can assure you that this time will fly. It seems like tomorrow that we'll be dealing with it. A lot is happening in the interim, believe me.
Don't say things like that Steve, I need my sleep :smile:

Clem, you'll have to agree that both pictures suggest a very different type of anatomy, unless the lid on these eyes is sphincterlike (compare with Vampyroteuthis)
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