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News item: Blue Rings as pets

It does not seem harsh to me, these are really dangerous animals and furthermore I bet most of the ones who are pets are not being properly cared for, just like all the suburban legend baby alligators that end up in the sewers.
I might consider it harsh, depending on what specifically they're being punished for. It wasn't terribly clear what the real intent was. 6 months for keeping one? Not sure I get that. Should I be punished for taking my own risks? If it may pose a slight risk to visitors or family members? Or is there a greater intent to clamp down on general importation, under the theory that there are far too many underinformed persons or completely innocent bystanders who might be harmed without knowing any risks? What IF one of these little buggers escaped in a crowded marketplace?

Ah yes...I remember it well...the great Blue Ring Octopus Attack of '03...little bugger got out of his jar and killed thousands of innocent victims who just wanted to buy some noodles...
Yeah, right. Come on people.Anyone who endorses such extreme measures is catering to the general and misinformed public with a hysterical attitude...lets face it, octos are NOT that aggressive. I have been bitten, and it has always been MY fault. My problem, right???
That is what we are discussing...shouldn't we all be responsible for our own selves?????

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