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New Tank


Jan 4, 2005

I just joined as I've decided to get a bimac. I have a 37 gallon tank with a CPR bakpak and about 40 lbs of live rock. The tank has a glass top and one additional powerhead.

I plan on getting a bimac from either fishsupply.com or octopets.com. Is one better than the other? Or does the bimacs from fishsupply.com come from octopets? Also, does anyone have any suggestions or critiques on my set-up?

:welcome: I have ordered from both. I do believe Fish Supply is supplied by Octopets! Both are an excellent source!!! Setup sounds wonderful! How do you plan to seal the lid? I use duct tape! Is there a protein skimmer included in you filter? That is a neccesity!

Yes. I'll be using the CPR bakpak as the protein skimmer. As for sealing the lid, I assume that's to preven the octopus from lifting it up himself? I suppose I could use duct tape. I have one other question and it's regarding the skimmer. It uses a rio 600. There's no chance of the octopus getting sucked through there is it? I won't actually have a filter, just the protein skimmer and the live rock for biological filtration. Will I need an additional filter?
Hi :smile:

The live rock and skimmer will be fine for a few months with no additional skimming but once the octo gets a bit bigger i dont think it will cope. A 37 can be on the small side for an octopus like a bimaculoides... So you may need to invest in a canister filter or similar to cope with waste.

A rio 600 us a powerful wee pump and it really depends on what size you get your octo at, some are tiny on shipping and arms have been known to go where they shouldn't! Perphaps you could put a sponge in the powerhead?

cheers and ask away for more info

Thanks for the advice. Out of the many different canisters filter, which do you like the most? I mind as well invest in a canister now. I'm just used to reef tanks and don't use mechanical filtration
Id probably go for either an Eheim or a Fluval but the former can be quite pricey... perhaps even just a fluval 104 would be enough to work mechanically.

As a reef keeper you will be more used to low biological loads and low stocking densities and feedings... watch your heart doesnt break when you see the mess one of these octo guys can make of your tank LOL
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