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new tank


Feb 23, 2004
hi every one,

after doing a lot of research on tonmo( by the way this site is awsome) i've just set up my soon to be octo tank, after it cycles for 3 months, and just wanted to see what you thought. i still need to get a chiller, even in the bsmt. i still can't get the tank temp below 77? i plan on geting a bimac, so i'm hoping the 58 gal. is ok? i'm attaching some pics. so let me know what you think.
Hi rpk and welcome to TONMO.com :welcome:

Your tank size is fine for a bimac, and its looking good.

I imagine you have one of the same problems I do - the pumps in the sump heat up the water a bit. You're right about lowering the water temperature if it's now 77.

Good luck with this project

hi nancy,

i have two pumps in the tank and it's still at 77? across the room i have a 75 reef with compacts on it and it has 5 pumps on it and its only at 80? so it looks like i'll be going out and getting a chiller. just can't figure out why the tank across the room is only 3 deg. higher and it's got more going on?
Some pumps run hotter than others - that's one reason. Also, maybe more water can evaporate from your larger tank, cooling it. I eventually put a small (8") fan blowing on the sump, which cooled my tank by about 3 degrees, but I have more room in my sump than you do and a larger water surface for the fan to blow on.

I sometimes wish that a tropical octopus as nice as the bimac were being bred and available to us - it would be convenient to have an octo that liked a higher temperature.


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