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New Tank! 65g Pentagon-Q's


Jul 21, 2004
After a few months of searching I finally found what I was looking for...

My new 65g corner! :!:
I always thought a corner would be a nice shape for an octo tank.
Anyway, I have a few questions:

1->I want to setup a 2nd feeder tank right next to it that will be plumbed with the 65g. Any Ideas on how two seperate tanks with sumps can share water safely?

So far my Idea is this:
Set up a 20~30g tank as a refigium/feeder holding tank, then build 1 main sump under this and put the chiller and canister filter underneath the 65g with lines that run from the main sump. Have one big pump with a T and some valves that split and go to each tank, then have the water from the 2 overflows meet back in the main sump. Any suggestions?

2->I was going to order a bimac from Octopets with the small clams...and I was planning on keeping the clams in the same tank as some small crabs from the beach. I was wondering if the crabs will eat/hassle the clams-I know these crabs can get pretty aggressive as they get bigger.

I have done that before and i found that the easiest way was to use two smaller pumps in the sump pumping water to the two main tanks.

It is important to make sure that your sump can hold the excess water from two tanks if the power gets switched off!!!

the crabs and clams would get on better if you gave them a substarte to hide in, but they may get picked on by the crabs regardless...

Lastly, all of your feeders are going to produce a lot of extra waste and i was always happier keeping them away from the main octo tank as then the water was easy to pour off and do water changes on the feeders withot disturbing the main

cheers :smile:

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