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new skimmer...very happy!


Aug 23, 2006

I would like to thank the people at Tonmo.com for attempting to help me with my stressful situation! I found a corallife light for $53 on ebay and a friend from my own hometown sold me a skimmer for a 110 gallon aquarium (oceanic) for $50.

I don't know know who suggested looking at Ebay for a light (jean or cuttlefish girl?) but thank you! :smile:

I watched him use the skimmer in salt-water, so I know it works how I want it to. He put on a makeshift valve so that I can control the bubble flow. He also told me where to buy cheap powerheads/mags at Homedepot.

I plan on updating my aquarium this summer and using and overflow system that I craft myself out of PVC for better water in-take and out-take. I'm also having my friend build a refugium so that I can use the skimmer as in-sump--then it will be amazing!

The skimmer is a model from the 1980's, so it's incredibly ugly, but I was very impressed with how durable it is.

I know this probably belongs in tank talk...but I'm so excited! I might get to have my cuttlefish after all!



Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
I'm glad everything is working out well and that our Ceph Care members were able to help.