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New octopus


Mar 3, 2007
Hi everyone
my new octopus(my first) arrived yesterday after a long wait.My question id how long would you expect it to be before he comes out of hiding:biggrin2:
:welcome: Congrats on your new octo! Do you have a name? And any idea what kind? Give him time to adjust. Biddle, who arrived 2 weeks ago is still being very cautious about coming out when we are near. Yours needs to not only recoup from the stress of being acclimated and introduced to another new environment, but please let him be till he feels safe enough to venture out!
Thanks for the welcome.No idea what type he is...am hoping to get some photos once hes settled a bit...no idea on a name yet either.
Thanks everyone...no name yet.Am hoping once he starts coming out we may get some ideas.Hes moved from his original hiding place but no idea where he is now.Should I just put some dead food in for him hoping he finds it or what would you suggets? Some hermits/small snails?
Hermits and snails are best to start with as most "new" octopuses do not accept dead food at first. Please don't search for him. He will reemerge when he's ready!


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