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Nov 20, 2002
By this time tomorrow I should be acclimating my new bimac and hopefully posting some new pictures! Just got off the phone with Jack at Fish Supply and he said it will ship out tonight and be delivered as close to my 4Pm arrival home from work as possible! I am sooo excited! Just have to relocate the Dusky Jawfish!

I have questions????? :?:

Checked the tanks water - Nitrate at about 80, Zero Ammonia and Nitrite, Salinity. I just raised to 1.23, they said my PH was low around 79, and sold me a Marine Buffer by Seachem. Can I add this tonight to bring it up to 8.3 or should I leave it alone since he's coming tomorrow????

Jawfish has been relocated!

Carol :D :D
Hey Carol:

Congratulations!!!! It shouldn't be a problem if you add the buffer, as long as its before you put the new Octo in. Let us know how the new guy (or gal) is doing. :D

:roll: I'm still waiting......... 4:25PM and 15 minutes later FedEx arrived. Bag was a little cold and Ink, as my son named him seemed a little dazed, but did try to squirt water at us as soon as I opened the bag. Right now, he's dripping! Hope to maybe have some pictures later! 2 hours later and he's in the tank, but refuses to leave the bag. I ended up cutting the bag down to where he was and he's now floating at the back of the tank with the ends cut off of the bag. I'm not sure.... He deffinately was not as active as Nancy's or the others on arrival.

:D Carol
Would you believe Ink is still latched on to the piece of plastic bag? Last night I really thought he may be a gonner. His legs were hanging limp. This morning I check on him, and he's all balled up, still on the piece of plastic, but squirts water at me.

Quess time will tell!

Hi Carol

Just make sure that all is as queit as possible round about Ink, hope fully it will adjust and move about.

Is it deffinetly a bimac?
Hi Colin!!

Yes!! Deffinately a Bimac! Got it from Fish Supply and I can see the 2 blue spots! This morning, Ink was still on the piece of plastic, but took 2 pieces of frozen prawn and ate it! Just got home from work and he's off the plastic and sitting on the wall by the bottom behind a barnicle!

Should I continue to keep the light off? Turned it on to find him and he is in a dark spot!

I'm sooo happy to have an octo again!!!!

Carol :D

I'm glad to hear that Ink seems to be doing ok!! :D keep us updated as to his condition. Good luck!

Glad to here that Tralfaz and Roxy's brother/sister is doing better. :wink2: You could give it one more day with the light off, but then again Ink's had a few days to settle in. Try taking the light off the top, cutting it on and then slowly putting it back on so as not to frighten the octo.
Hi Carol,

Glad to hear that Ink is doing better. Maybe he had a rough trip.

These little octopuses are all so different. Ollie has been much more friendly recently, but has never once squirted water.

Keep on letting us know how he's doing.

All the best,

Hi Nancy and everyone!

Do ya think we may have relatives???

This morning, I could not find Ink. I looked everywhere. My 5 year old daughtor comes up to the tank and says there he is! He was sitting in the front of the tank, under a piece of coral watching us! Normal brown color today. Also does not seem to mind the lights, or my camera :) . Plus took another piece of frozen prawn.

I think he was really traumatized on the way here cause when he tried to squirt me from the bag, it was a really weak attempt. I am impressed with Jack at Fish Supply. He not only tried to call here, but replied quickly to my message that I was a little worried on Ink's condition!

Anyway, so far all's well!!!


I'm glad to hear that Ink is getting comfortable in his new home. I figure that because Ink, Tralfaz and Roxy were all purchased from Jack at the same time and are all around they same age , they must be brothers and sister. :lol:

Are you using a particular brand of frozen prawn?? So far Tralfaz has no interest in frozen food. (He'll take it but then spits it back at me). Maybe I try the prawns and see if he likes them. Keep us updated on Ink's progress.
Well Carol, they were obviously collected at the same time and probably the same area because Jack got all the babies in at the same time. And even if they're not'll would be real cute to pretend! :wink2: George, I haven't tried frozen shrimp yet. How did you get the shrimp to him...did you just stick it on a wooden skewer? Thanks, John

I used a plastic feeding stick that I originally got to feed shrimp to my various starfish. I just stuck (skewered) it on the end and waved it around in front of his face. He jumped up and grabbed it but had no interest in eating it. :?

Ah well, I am going to try to pick up some fiddlers this evening. Tralfaz even seems to be having a problem with snails. He grabs them end envelops them in his mantle. But later I see them still alive and cruising around. He can't seem to work out how to get them out of the shell :x
Next stop, LFS for a variety of different potential foods. Wish me luck!

i think that a lot of it depends on what species they are fed on... some of the snails sold as 'turbos' have quite a firm 'door' that they close on themsleves to keep safe that a small octo has difficulty with
Hey All!!!

The kind of prawn is from Newmans Fish Foods, out of Hackensack, NJ. I've been using my hand. I make sure the shrimp touches him so he knows there's food. Has taken it every time! Now Hermin, only ate live food. I also went to my LFS and found they continuely stock hermit crabs at $1.00 each, so I threw in 10 of them.

Once the weather gets nicer, I will start collecting my own food again! My daughtor loves to go"mucking" as we call it, and we're able to get lots of different kinds of crabs and snails and fish locally.

How old do ya think our babies are????


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