[Octopus]: My new Octopus


O. vulgaris
Dec 5, 2019
Just want to introduce you to my new water-pet that came two days ago. Its a Castilloctopus Macropus a kind of red-brown octo. It arrived in very good condition. While acclimating the water he already wanted to swim into the tank and instantly played with my toy water balls. The other day he already strongly pulled out the shrimp from my stick. He's very strong and over 25 cm/10 inch in total length. Still indecisive about his name. The only drawback on my side is the fact that his species is nocturnal + early morning.


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My local pet shop-store which has many stores in Germany got it from DeJong, Marinelife in Holland. That's a wholesellor for Marinelife. Unfortunately they don't sell to private persons so I needed my local pet shop.
I have just been looking for my octo and I have found him sitting onto the heating-rod!!!
Isnt this strange?? The water temperature is 24' C. Hence I think right at the heating element it's probably a lot more.
What do you guys think about his behavior?


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Well it seems that Heaty's love for heat did not have any negative meaning. He is out tonight. I did a few pics more:


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In fact the heater stopped working today. Eventually already yesterday. Since I held my hand onto the front shield of the tank by 'coincidence' I noticed that the water was quite cool. The thermometer showed 17'C/63'F which seems to be quite scary. Fortunately I have an older used heater that still seems to work. Additionally I use another undersized tank heater to accelerate the warming process. I really hope that the decrease did not and will not do any harm to my little friend. I thought about the fact that in 10 meter depth in the ocean there might be a similar temperature or even less than 17'C/63'F. How do you see this?
That is 9 degrees colder than I am comfortable with but do heat the tank slowly. I recommend 72 as a minimum. That being said, the only octo I have had clearly damaged by a short term cold was one shipped in the winter and ended up caught in a snow storm. It survived shipping but not much longer and there were patches of skin that could no longer show color.
Right now it seems that Heaty is doing ok.
However he did not hide over the day in caves. He just stayed in the half-shade over the day sleeping. But that's pretty much the same what he did the second day when I got him. Macropuses like to kind of wrap themselves in with their tentacles.
Welcome to Heaty!!! He looks awesome, glad you’re getting your heater issues under control. Many fun late night and early morning adventures coming your way!

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