[Octopus]: Kraky my Octopus


O. vulgaris
Dec 5, 2019
Let me introduce you to my little Octopus Kraky. He just came to me two days ago and was (still is) pretty active and in good shape while arriving. Kraky is quite little approx. 15 cm/6 inches in total length. He seems to be diurnal for the most part. It's was sold as Octopus species unknown/uncertain. I think that it has many features of the vulgaris species. It's beige, brown to darkbrown in its main color. The fact that he is mostly day active and doesn't seem to dig or hide too much would also suit to the common octopuses.
I'm asking you about his possible species??
Kraky may come the Philippines or Indonesia. Here some pics:


  • IMG_20200510_223130.jpg
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  • IMG_20200510_223124.jpg
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He is pretty alright! I wish you and Kraky all the best!
I also believe it is not a vulgaris, its arms are indeed a bit thin and maybe also a bit longer than a common octopus. Moreover, the head seems more bulbous and the eyes more elongated...
I just had a look at the pics of the bocki species here and also others on the internet and on a book that I have. The color doesn't seem to match. Kraky is rather brown compared to the photos which rather show a red(ish) brown to a transparent consistence. Kraky's tentacles seem to be not as 'coarse' as the bockies seem to have. To be a vulgaris it may eat too less and its tendency to be a kind of dwarf octopus may be too high.
Again let me know further what you think about its species and other aspects of my little friend.
LOL, I was going to say that the first photo would have been a great, Find the Ceph entry until I realized that I was looking at an octopus rock and not the octopus! My "octopus rock" is centered in the "V" the white rocks make. Look closely and you can see a mantle and distinct octopus eyes. :wink:

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