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New Octopus lays eggs.. now what?!


Pygmy Octopus
Nov 19, 2006
We just recently got a new octopus 3 weeks ago. Tonight while moving a rock in her tank, we discovered a cluster of eggs on the underside of the rock. We are new to this and are curious on where we go from here! So any help and feedback is appreciated!

She will quite eating, remain with the eggs and gradually lose color and texture. With in a few days of the eggs hatching, she will die

Depending on the species, you may or may not be abe to rear the young. If she is a large egged species like a bimac or O. mercatoris, it is possibel that you could get a few of the babies to survive if you have a supply of live food such as amphipods, mysids, etc. for them when they hatch. If it is a small egged species like A. aculeatus that will have planktonic larvae, you might as well forget rearing them. It is almost impossible.

:welcome: from me also...Unfortunately once they have eggs there's not much time left. I did have one octopus that continued eating after her eggs disapeared, so continue to offer food.
what species is it? my first octopus bimaculatus(the smallegged bimac) laid FERTILE eggs in her first month and they hatched. None survived, and she kept refusing food and shrunk... it was sad. but if the eggs are big like o. bimaculoides, good luck!!! try to get a few into their own rearing chamber where they won't eat each other!

may cephalopods be bestowed eternal glory!!

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