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New Octopus ID


Dec 13, 2003
Hi All,

I have now had my new octopus for 10 days, he is eating well (3 snails so far and although he is very nocturnal.
I am trying to ID what kind of Octopus he is, he was ordered as a small Common Octopus Vulgaris, which I have learned here in the UK most Octopus are labelled as Common Octopus, his mantle is about 1.5-2cm in length and from leg to leg about 10cm, his flesh is dark brown, and the tip of his mantle seems to be kind of white?????
I can not take a photo of him as I can not turn the flash off my camera and I don't want to stress him out or make him ink.
He is currently in a 30 UK gallon tank and if he is a Vulgaris he will be moved to my 120 gallon tank which is currently maturing in my garage.

Any Help Appreciated


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