New octo


Feb 27, 2003
after much greif over losing Sam :cry: i have gotten a new Bimac :smile: His name is Jambobo, after a beloved Mod on another forum who has been there with me thru thick and thin :smile: He is doing great an i have made sure no escape attemps will happen with this one!!!!! :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2:
Hi Debbie,

Nice to hear that you finally have another bimac. Did you get this one through your LFS, or was it shipped to you?

Am looking forward to seeing the pics. Be sure to tell us how big Jam is, what you're feeding him (or her?), and all the details!

All the best,
Congrats Debbie!!!!

How was his condition on arrival and how did he acclimate? Ink had a rocky start upon arrival. He is also from Fish Supply!

What size is he? Looking forward to pictures!!!

Ok sorry, Jam could fit ontop of a quarter, his mantle is maybe 1/2 inch and thats stretching it, its eating baby ghost shrimp. I had this one shipped by fishsupply off tonmo

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