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new octo


Dec 11, 2005
i just recently purchased an octo from my LFS and i think he is aculeatus. he does this weird walking thing. I never seened that before with any of my bimacs. Anyway he is in my 200 gallon tank with a banded cat shark and he likes to pick on the shark, it is pretty funny. I Have some video footage of it too.
While I imagine it would be funny to see an octopus aggravate a shark, I hate to think of the consequences of combining the two. You should post a link to the video.

I used to think it was funny that my little bitty Basenji dog picked on my girlfriends Pit Bull Dalilah. After a few months of it, Dalilah didn't think it was funny any more. Then Senji's head and my hands didn't think it was funny anymore either. Get my point?

Please reconsider your housing choices. Not trying to be rude. It just reminds me of something my grandfather once said. Crossing the ocean in a paddleboat is possible, but not probable. You can relate that to a whole lot more than just crossing the ocean in a paddleboat.
Looking back over your previous posts, I see you have a number of tanks. Putting both the shark and the octopus in your large tank is not a good solution. Sharks eat octopuses and octopuses eat sharks - depends on which one gets bigger first. This situation will cause a lot of stress. Please put them in separate tanks. Your octopus should be in a "species tank", basically alone.

I was thinking that same question last night. Would be very cool if someday we could figure out how to house octopuses, cuttlefish, and nautliuses in one tank. It would be a cephalopod tank. That'd be sweet.
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