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New octo maybe......


May 1, 2007
:-/ i was wondering if there was any specie of octopus or cuttlefish could be kept in a 25 gallon aquarium?Any suggestion would be greatly apriciated(spelling*)thanks
:welcome: fishman65

Sorry, I don't think there's anything. Dwarf octopus can be kept in a 30 G, but I think 25 might be pushing it. Cephs produce a great deal of waste (far more than an equivalent size fish) and the water chemistry becomes very unstable in small tanks.

It was good that you asked though, many people just go ahead and then wonder why the octopus gets sick and dies.

Where do you live? Any chance of volunteering at a local aquarium, that's one way of getting an octopus fix :biggrin2:

This is one of those areas that really depends on the details and on your knowledge as an aquarist. True pygmies (maximum mantle length under 3-4 cm) can do well in the right kind of 20 gal system, but it has to be single species, be well run in and rock stable, and hopefully have a small protein skimmer in case of an inking event. You also want to have a good supply of sea water in case of an emergency. We keep about 20 tanks, all under 20 gal, with a variety of pygmies such as O. wolfi, O. micropyrus, O. mercatoris, O. bocki , juvenile bi-macs and blue-rings. With frequent water changes the animals do well. However, these are research tanks that are pretty plain and bare-bones. They don't look good, but they keep the animals alive.

Animal Mother;94413 said:
Hello, and good for you! The more patience you have for getting prepared the more rewarding your experience will likely be.

God, I hope this is correct. My quest is leading me on a LONG journey, lol!
Michael Blue;94419 said:
God, I hope this is correct. My quest is leading me on a LONG journey, lol!

Note I did say "likely", not "certainly".

Several of the folks on this website that keep great tanks still have their share of disappointments.
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