New Octo for me!


Mar 25, 2005
Hey, i just got my octo last night, and hes doing GREAT, moving, interacting, (eating my ornimental shrimps haha). problem is that he is already rather large :frown: so i think mayb i'll get 6 months to a year out of him. its a lil disappointing for me being its my first n all but its ok :biggrin2: my boss can order me another. ( i work at big als aquatics) if anyone has heard of it, its more of a canadian thing. i'll post some pics when i get some :biggrin2:
Congratulations on your new octopus. Is this one of the Octopets bimacs or another species? If he's doing well and active as you say, I wouldn't worry too much about him being larger. Let me know the species and its name and I'll post it on our List of Octopuses.

Where are you in Canada?

yah im in canada, vancouver to be exact. i think its a bamic but not 100% sure, i dont see y it wouldnt it came under "common octopus" and i didnt see the latin name when i looked at our order form. :frown: but i'll get a pic asap, i have a metal halide on the tank atm so he doesnt come out to much during the day so it might be a night pic
Metal halides are too bright for an octopus. You need only a fluorescent strip light. Moonlights are nice for a night active octopus, too.

i know the halides r to bright for him, but he comes outa occasionally, i just have him with alot of montipora and acropora so im stuck lol, i spent about 900$ on all my stonies so im not about to give those up :biggrin2:, but he does love the 2 moonlights i have :biggrin2:

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