New octo coming!!!!


Feb 27, 2003
Well I got such a great surprise yesterday!!!! Jack at fishsupply called me and told me he was sending me another octo today!!!!!! What a nice guy!!!!! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) It totally took me by surprise!!! Im so excited :rainbow: Im taing half a day of of work just to get it YEAH!!!!! I cant wait!!!! Jack is such a GREAT GUY!!!!!!!!!!
:D Alright!!!!! You are so lucky!!! There's nothing better than that FedEx truck coming to the house and the look on the FedEx mans face when you say guess what you just brought me??? Look of amazement 2 times now for me!!!!

Please update as soon as you receive!!! And Congrats!!! I knew Jack would come through!!! New name???

LOL yeah the look on the fedex guy is way cool, esp. when there is a notice on the door about the Rotti i have that says " I can get to the door in 2.8, can you?" so he is already wiggin when i come outside holding back the 100lb rotti,,, Will be kinda funny to tell him its an octopus :mrgreen: He'll think im nuts :bonk: Will keep you informed and take pics :wink2: New name will still be MAX :wink2:
Well yesterday the new octo did arrive, I acclimated him as normal, and put him in a critter carrier with live sand and Lr, shells to make him comfy, then i had to go back to work, all was well. We have been having horrible rain and i had to delivery paychecks to Corsicana. Long story short i ended up in an accident and didnt get home til way after 7pm. By then the poor little guy had passed :cry: he was curled up when he came out of the bag so he might have gone thru to much stress, and the box had heat pacs in it,, so im not quite sure whats going on. I got up this morning and did the guanlet of tests on the tank to make sure i hadnt missed anything. Everything was just about perfect. Only Nitrate was at .02 ppm which is way low. I am NOT at all blaming Jack, he went way beyond what he had to do. I just dont know whats going on. Anyone have any ideas as to what im doing wrong???? :|

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