[Octopus]: My new Octo (O. Vulgaris?)

Jan 27, 2017
West Chester, Pennsylvania
Hey guys, my names Aidan and im new here. Got the opportunity to buy an octopus from a trusted local fish store. only have one picture of him/her as its hanging at the fish store while I octo-proof this week. I was curious if anyone could verify it is a Vulgaris. The LFS owner is 80% certain, has experience and only buys octos from one diver who catches in the Caribbean/florida area. Id love to hear some other opinions. Also not sure whether male or female, itd help me pick a name if anyone could help on that front. anyway he/she is a beauty and i cant wait to get it home! Thanks for all the amazing reading on this website everyone!

plz let me know if the picture link doesn't work for you and if theres a better way to do it

New item by Aidan Conti
Your new friend is an Octopus briareus (Common Caribbean Octopus). I am looking forward to your journal and more photos!

You can directly upload pictures by dragging them onto your post if you have them on a local disk drive or by clicking the square with the sun and mountain and adding a URL to a .jpg (unfortunately the link provided does not render this way).
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