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new octi not eatin... any help


Jul 8, 2005
my friend gave me his somewhat new octi... it hides a lot and he got a new one. it seems fairly active, but it does not want to eat. i have tried fiddler crabs and ghost shrimp.... it runs away from the crab...

my only thought is it is a lil stressed from bein moved from his house to mine and what not.... it has probably been a week or moe since it ate... it is very small, not sure what species. its colorin is mainly brown-purplish

any thoughts.
Hi Steve and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

Your octi must have suffered stress in being moved, but a week is a long time to go without eating.

How is your water quality? What do your tests show?

If your octi runs away from fiddlers, are they way too big for him? Are you feeding the same thing his previous owner fed him?

Some octis don't eat after laying eggs, but I assume yours is not in a den with eggs right now.

yea my friend (the last owner) gave it fiddler crabs as well...

my water quality is good... most recent test didnt show anything bad. i think it probably is stress. i will get some smaller crabs and see if that will do the trick...

it is active though, so i guess that is a good sign.

when i got my last one from octo pets it did the same thing... it got lost by dhl for 5 days and showed up alive but died like a week later... never ate but established an den and moved around the tank at night. he actually would take the food i gave him into his den and then ever 2 days or so would throw it back out the door after it had spoiled all at once... never ate any of it... ungrateful bastard... anyway never figured out what was wrong but oh well
thanks for the help, i am buying some really small fiddlers today .. see if that does the trick. it seems more active then when it was n my friends tank. in his it always hid. now it it just hanging out out in the open... maybe feeling more comfortable.
one of the best ways to see an octopus is by giving it lots of hiding places, the more hidey holes it has the safer it feels and will venture out more. It doesnt have to be caves either, you could use sections of plastic pipes or elbow joints etc...

welcome to TONMO.com :smile:

it died today..... :sad: i think it was too stressed from moving... then wouldnt eat.... and go too weak... just a guess.

thanks all for your help
better luck next time.

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