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New Here and To Octos


Mar 3, 2009
Hello everyone. I am new here and to octopuses. i currently have a 120 gallon full reef that is 6 years old and me and my girlfriend are wanting to start a smaller tank with an octopus in it. Im just wondering what is a good starter octopus to start out with? not to sure what size of tank we will be setting up but it wont be too big (if i had to guess i would say between 20 and 40 gallon)
Thanks for the help
The best advice is to just read the treads. Try putting terms in the search to narrow it down, this question can be found answered all over and over again! Go larger if you can, 55 gal is pretty typical for a small to medium octo- 20 gal for a dwarf. People have a lot of personal preference, octos come in diurnal and nocturnal- your schedule may effect you choice. Good luck!