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New here, and im curious about getting an octo!


Dec 9, 2007
Well first off i would like to say ive never owned any type of salt water fish, but have been fascinated by octopus'! I just began doing research and have come up with the conclusion that this task will be challanging! (but i want to take the challange :grin: ) Im in NO rush in getting one, and im waiting til i move out with some buddies in January. Im aware that ill need to cycle a new tank at a minimum of 3 months, and hopefully during that time i will learn about all the levels i need to maintain with the pH, nitrates etc etc... I will probably be picking up a 50-55 galon tank after christmas sometime and ill begin the cycling process. it seems like people over on the saltwaterfish.com forum are very quick to say "dont even bother" with it, but id like to think differently. I have one question: if i eventually decide to drop the octopus and go with fish, would the setup be compatable with each species? Anyways, basically saying Hi, and i like the forum and i look foward to learning more about octopus!!! Thanks
:welcome: to TONMO. If you haven't already, make sure to read the ceph care articles under the ARTICLES button at the top of the page. My impression is that it's usually not a problem to re-task an octo tank for fish, but I'm sure others will have more advice on the details.
Hi! You've come to the right place for your octo info.

It's not impossible, but yeah, it's a challenge. Once you've learned how to maintain your tank, the hardest part seems to be getting a young, healthy octopus. A lot of the time they die soon after they are purchased. There are several factors involved, including just plain old age, collection method, containment method, shipping, etc. If you search through the octopus care forums you'll find lots of threads about people having great success with their octos, as well as people having terrible luck with them. It can be very rewarding, and it can be very disappointing. Don't let anyone discourage you if it's what you want to do. It can be done, it's just a matter of whether or not you can cope with the all too often "duds".

If you decide later to convert your tank to a fish system you'll have everything you need. Probably more than you need. One warning before you get started though... it's highly addictive!
Thanks animal mother.. yeah same thing kinda happened when i began getting interested in snakes.. i bought a baby Sinaloan milk snake from petco (BIG MISTAKE :( ) and the thing just couldnt make it.. that was an example of bought first researched later, but now im on my second snake and everythings been perfect with him. Hes living the life :)

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