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New Guy :)


Jun 10, 2006
Hello Everyone,

I have been thinking about making the step from freshwater to saltwater for a long period of time now and have decided that it is about time. These strange but extremely intersting creatures are appealling to me so much therefore I wanted to know if you guys can help me.

This is my tank plan:

36" x 18" x 12" = 33g (us) 29g (uk)
The tank will contain live rock at a ratio of 1 pound per 1 gallon.
I plan on purchasing a protein skimmer (recomendations obviously welcome).
The tank contains a heater and a powerhead (Hidden)
The tank also has a tight fitting lid so a octo could not escape.
The aquarium light is only 30 Watts.

From some of the articles which I have read both from this site and other resources suggest that this is ok. Obviously along with all the water changes and correct water chemistry.

My main problem is getting a octopus as I live in the UK and do not know where any are available; so hopefully some members on here may be able to help me.

Thank You
Hi Steve and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

We have a number of people from the UK - have a look at this post (read softmick's first post where he introduces himself).
Hello and comments!
You might want to send him a private message about how to obtain an octopus.

Two comments on your tank. While some octos can be kept in a tank that small, the ones available in the UK seem to be larger. You might think of getting at least around a 50 gallon tank.

Also, you say that the powerhead and heater are "hidden" - You can't hide anything from an octopus. The powerhead must be protected with mesh or something that prevents the octopus from sticking his arms in and getting seriously injured. So more info on your powerhead and heater would be appreciated.

It's nice to see more people in the UK keeping octos.

Welcome to Tonmo, and glad that you are considering the wonderful world of ceph keeping! All of the above points are very good...a larger tank makes for much, much easier cleaning.

The heater and powerhead are in a built in compartment where the only access is through the hood, so there is no chance of the octo getting there. The hood is tightly fitted and very heavy, however it would be possible for me to wigh the lid down if nessicery.
Hi Steven,

:welcome: to Tonmo!
Weighing down the lid is a very, very, very good idea. Octopus are surprisingly strong and can lift many times their own weight!

I would also REALLY consider getting a bigger tank tho' Octis porduce a LOT of waste and you're going to have real trouble keeping your water chemistry stable in a 33G.


Welcome to TONMO.com

getting the right species of octo in the UK can be tricky but it is a really rewarding hobby if you stick at it


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