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New Cuttlefish Venture


Apr 18, 2004
I have been reading and posting on tonmo for around a year wishing and wishing i had a tank - now the time has come. After checking the trading post every day for a year i have placed an offer on a tank and just wanted some comments.

Specs. are:

5'x2 1/2'x2'
large sump (3x2x2.5) with assorted media (trickle down stack style)
some liverock (i am planning on getting some more)
some mushrooms
a rose anemone (sell it? or can i keep it?)
uv steriliser
2 powerheads
mature plenum
nice cabinet (the doors are painted a hideous colour but i have some replacements) lol :lol:
no copper!!!

i am hoping for some bandensis or metasepia pfefferi but a pharaoh is looking more likely? they grow to around 30cm if raised from eggs according to the NRCC where i am planning on gettin them from

is the tank big enough?
is anything missing?
any comments?

Halides are some of the stongest lights out thier and might be to bright. They are great for a reef tank but im not so sure about ceph's, How many halides and how many watts
ohh yeah sounds like a great deal how much is it costing you (if you dont mind) and the rose anenamie are very cool and quit expensive but i dont think they will work in you tank. Could sell them and make a good profit im guessing. They run about $90

Pharoah cuttles get huge. How many gallons is that tank? I dont think it'll be big enough.

ya dont want them bumping into the walls all the time :frown:

did you say the NRCC is letting you have one of theirs? How'd you pull that off?
Though other people might offer different opinions on the pharoahs and tank size... personally i think they need lots of space because of their size (and because their cuttles).
the NRCC sells both european and pharaoh cuttles in all sizes or eggs to the public.

My tank is 5ft x 2.5ft x 2ft (not sure how many gallons???)

would a few people suggest a size requirement please...
I don't really believe they sell them to the public, unless things have changed within the last few months.

The NRCC is a part of the University of Texas Medical Branch and provides cephs to researchers and people affiliated with educational institutions, not to the general public.

Never knew they sold to the public. If I'm not wrong they only sell to educational institutes.

5ft for a 30cm cuttle isn't too bad, it could be 160g. But don't take my word for it, was just an estimate.
yeah... your right!!

I re-read the page and almost broke into tears...lol

Considering i am looking at keeping a few cuttles, i am probably looking at something smaller like bandensis or mestus or even metasepia pfefferi if i can get hold of them that is!!! :bonk:

thanks for your help

the move went surprisingly smoothly, ill post pics as soon as the water clears up and i fix it up a bit - give me two weeks. :wink: i have to get cabinet doors redone, a suspended wooden light box thing made and a hood made!

my pockets feel lighter already!!!

very happy with my aquisition

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