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New Cuttle

cuttlefish food

He has not eaten for two days mainly because I can't keep the food alive long enough for him to hunt it. The ghost shrimp are dead in a day and the molly's don't last half an hour. He is out and sitting on a rock. I gave him tons of places to hide. My water params are all green. There was a nitrate problem that I corrected with a water change. I set up a small fresh water container for the food. I suck up the shrimp with a turkey baster and blast them out near him and hope he responds and attacks. This has not worked since the first time I tried it two days ago. I have emailed Jim at octopets but I guess he is busy because he has not responded. I have some crabs that are due to be delivered on Thursday or Friday. I asked for small ones so that he can eat them right away. I can only go to the beach during the weekend because it is dark when I leave work. This is WAY tougher than the octo who would be happy with live clams... I am fretting myself to sickness! I really appreciate everyone's support and emails. I just need to get him some steady healthy food.
If you have amphipods in your tank, perhaps he's catching those.

You could try a bit of thawed frozen raw shrimp, but he's pretty young for frozen food. You'd probably have to wiggle it on a stick to interest him.

Several owners have reported that it takes a lot to interest these small cuttles in food - a lot of effort animating their food, when it isn't live.

I would say leave him alone for a day or two. If they aren't eating or interested in food, it might be because they are full, or freaked out. Having food around all the time seems to make them not care about food. I suggest only putting stuff in the tank that you want them to eat right now.

Whatever fish you have in the tank may also be freaking the cuttle out, so you might want to remove it.
Also I can't emphasise it enough, freshwater prey is not good enough! It would be like us living on a diet of candy! Tastes good, makes us feel full but we could still end up malnourished!!! Tis OK as a treat but the staple diet must be marine.


I would agree that freshwater crusts are better than freshwater fish as food, but even enriched they just don't seem to be enough. When in desperation we tried (during a period of particularly nasty southerly storms...couldn't get the boats out) we noticed increased incidence of fungal infections, lethargy, dulling of colour and eventually increased mortality....especially in our midgets, bobtails and seahorses. We now try to keep at least a weeks worth of marine crabs etc in holding (usually more), plus amphipods, krill (in season) and mysids.


Freshwater Food

I certainly will not continue with the freshwater stuff as soon as my fiddler crabs get here and I have a free day to go to the beach and collect some shrimp and crabs. I would also love to secure some saltwater guppies from octopets if they are available. I also will get rid of the fish. He got along fine with my octo but maybe he is startling Sally and chasing her food. Thanks for the help everyone!

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