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Flamboyant cuttlefish advice please!


Feb 22, 2017
Long story short a small flamboyant cuttlefish has come into my possession. I am hoping I'm ready for this though I'm not sure if I'd ever feel as if I'm ready until I just start working on the hands on side. I've researched a ton on them. (One of those moments of odd twist of luck)
As well as I'm hoping to see if I can't work with an incoming aquarium in my city from which I have contact with in regards to this species. That's the fast rundown.

I'm having trouble getting this cuttlefish (age unknown) to eat.
Upon picking it up I was successful in getting it to accept a very nice sized ghost shrimp that it slowly ate all of. This was in Wednesday. Thursday it didn't show any interest in eating.
I'm going to try again today but is there any tips?

I've also ordered in some marine shrimp to place in tank (a few) with her.

Any advice is appreciated as I really would like to see myself helping this amazing species out.
Success in it eating today. But it only seems to grab one large shrimp and very slowly eat it.
I've seen other reports mentioning then eating several times a day though this one only seems to eat about one.
Thank you Nolapete!

Little one seems to be adjusting just as you said it would. Settling down in the tank and has started to eat better.

Super glad to see it acting more settled in!

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