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new bimac


Mar 24, 2004
hi everyone . . . I just got my bimac from octopets.com and its so exciting after waiting these weeks getting the tank ready. Question for you all: I got octopets.com octokit that came with the baby clams for initial feeding . . .

the clams seem to bury themselves in the substrate . . will this make it more difficult for the octo (no name yet . . .want to check it out and name it appropriately) to find? should I move to fiddlers now and skip the clams?

this is a SUPER board!!! I have learned so much in the last couple of weeks. thanks for any input

Glad to have you here. I found with my Bimac and the clams if I put them infront or and a make shift plate he went right for them. He does "dig" in the sand looking for more. (I use that to see when he is hungry, instead of playing)

Give a varied diet and see what it is your octo likes best. Prolly the clams since that what Jim uses at this point from octopets.

Do you know how old your Bimac is???
I'd be a bit wary about letting the clams dig in and leaving them, too easy for one to die and polute the tank from within the sand, you might not find it until there is a problem... better to have a feeder tank and add them when needed... but a bimac would find buried clams without too much hassle :smile:

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