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New baby bimac


Oct 16, 2003
Now that my baby has ate his first meal and settled into his den, how long will it take before he decides to come out and be personable like all the other octopuses I am reading about? I know it is only the end of day 1 here but I am so fascinated by him and want to see more of him, he has 120lbs of live rock in his 150 gallon tank along with lots of shells to play and hide in. So hiding places are in no short supply in my tank. Should I try offering him piece of fresh scallop on a feeding stick tomorrow? How do I go about doing this, should I just place the scallop on the feeding stick and hold it by the entrance to his den? I dont want to rush things and stress the lil guy out. Any info is greatly appreciated.

your eagerness is not gratuitous octos are very fascinating creatures to keep in a home aquarium. However, i will probably be a little while before he starts coming put "alot." Dont get me wrong you will still definetly see personallity in him. I would say that offering him some fresh food on a feeding stick would be a good idea. It will help establish a certain relationship between you two. I doubt he will accept the scallop though, mainly because he is not even at the age when he would be eating them in the wild (but u never know he might). Thats the thing every octo has a different personality :smile: . Do it just like you said hold it by his den just in his reach and make sure he sees it. Glad to see you are enjoying your new octo

Good luck

p.s- please dont forget to keep up with water changes and maintaining good water quality.
just make sure that you are seen by the octo when putting in food, it'll soon respond to you as being a 'good thing to happen!' :smile:

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