New at octos, but not at all at saltwater...

Oct 13, 2005
Hey! I am new at octopods, but not at all new at saltwater aquaria. In total, I have over 10 tanks set up, includong reefs, FOWLR, seahorses, and now, an octopus tank! My name is Brock Fluhaty, and I am in the 8th grade. I live in West Virginia, but I am NOT a hick lol. Now, besides from fish, I like many other things. I love art, and to paint my own works of the said category, I love birds, especially my cockatiel named Seajay, cats, dogs, basically animals. I like going on hikes through the woods in my backyards, and catching and breeding the natural wildlife here in the big WV, such as snakes, frogs, lizards, birds, minnows, crawdads, and especially turtles. In the summer, my neighbor and I are often called upon to take in orphaned or injured wildlife. We have raised everyhting from baby cardinals (don't tell the state rangers!) to baby deer to baby hummingbirds (which was my favorite by far!). Today is my birthday, and I am now 14 years old. If you will take a stroll on over to the Tank Talk forum, you will see my post about my new tank. Feel free to comment, or make suggestions!

Brock Fluharty
Welcome to :welcome: , but you're not exactly a stranger! We're already answering your posts over on Ceph Care.

You have a very busy life and 10 tanks is a lot!

You might be interested in becoming a Supporter - you can post and talk about your other animals on the Supporters' Forum

Thanks. Yeah, I used to post a while back, mostly about dwarf octos. Yeah, 10 tanks can be a burden, but I think that the enjoyment greatly outweighs the work invloved. How much is it to support? I am always more than happy to help forums out money wise. Ever since I started my business, I have had some extra cash lying around! Is there a large demand for bocki octos? I plan on buying a WC (I know, do hang me or anything! Lol) octopus labelled as a Bali Octopus, which I assume is bocki, but I would like to get one, and then see if you guys could ID it for me. Are they small egg producers? I want to try to breed (unless they are small eggs...) but people have been flaming me lately, saying that I just want to "breed anything that swims in the ocean...". That kind of stuff really hurts...

Brock Fluharty

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