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My tank is finally up and running!


Jul 11, 2003
At long last my tank is up and running, and i am very happy. However, there are a few things i am worried about.

My tank is kinda cloudy should i be worried about that?

There is green stuff (algae i believe) growing on my rocks, is that normal?

Should i leave my light on all day?

When/how will i know when it is safe to put in my mollies?
(i bought a test kit so i can test for all of the chemicals)

Anything else that i am going to need to know will be GREATLY appreciated.

thanks in advanced
Hi Rockthis,

Glad you made progress with your tank! Here are the answers to at least some of your questions:

Your tank should settle, so not to worry that it's cloudy.

Live rock often has various algaes (of various colors) on it.

Leave the light on during the day, say 8 hours or so.

Get a notebook, set it up as your Aquarium Log or whatever, and begin your entries. Record your sg and pH to start with.

Start doing the tests for nitrites, nitrates and ammonia, so that you get used to doing them. Use good lab pratices, including using a timer. Record the results.

It will be several weeks before you can add your fish, so be patient.

All the best,


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