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My octopus caught a bee.....

Apr 20, 2005
Well, I havent been able to get any fiddler crabs for a week or so now because of a shipping delay and I've been nodicing my octopus is looking hungry. But I had no idea he was this hungry! I just looked in my tank and nodiced my octopus is wraped around a bee. Oddly enough its a bee and I can't seem to get my octopus to let go. My octopus looks fine but I'm afraid he is going to get hert.:sad:
i have never herd of this before but what do you guys think.
They do eat odd things once in a while - even birds.

If you don't have any crabs, why don't you buy some fresh or frozen shrimp and feed that to him?

haha wow....a bird!!! I'd like to see that!
As said before....a bee? How could a bird or a bee get inside a tank that should be sealed?
doesnt mean the bird got into a tank.. maybe in the wild a bird will die and fall into the ocean where it is picked up by an octopus..
you mean a bee as in "bzzzzzz"? how the hell did an octo who lives in the water get a bee flying in the air?