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My baby cuttlefish is letting its food go!


Blue Ring
Nov 8, 2004
hello anyone can tell me wat to do on trying to let my cuttlefish eat the food and not letting it go? pls reply to me anyone who has a answer to this. thank you.
Well firstly :welcome: to TONMO.com.

I would really like to know where you got the cuttle :biggrin2: , they're really hard to find now...

As to the problem, what do you feed your cuttle, it could be something it just doesn't like. I used to feed mine pieces of cod but it didn't really like it, after awhile it would just grab the fish and spit it out without taking a bite.

Btw- got any pics you coculd share?
thanks for you reply, I got my cuttlefish from a marine aquarium in ginza plaza. I feed my cuttle small shrimps and it would hunt it down grab it and realease it later on . I don't really noe why is it doing this so could you try giving me some answers to this problem? thanks
Welcome to Tonmo!
Perhaps the food items are a little too big? Or as Joel states, it probably wants something else...good luck!
i often had a cuttle catch food when it wasnt hungry only to spit it out later... maybe its stuffed?
it may be this but it has not been eating for bout a day already. but anyway thanks as next time when my cuttle is not eating it could have proberly eaten too much. :biggrin2:
can you feed them every two days?

I'm feeding about 5 times a day and they take it all down, they float a lot if they are hungry, if your cuttle is sat on the bottom them he is probably fine. If floating at the top then he is a bit peckish!

i would reccomend feeding once or more a day but i was just saying that you dont have to

unless...do you have more than one cuttle - in that case keep feeding several times daily!!!

feed often but dont worry if it wont eat for a day or two - check water or do a partial change if you feel you need to
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