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My baby bimac came today!!

Oct 31, 2003
Well after a very nerve racking day (waiting for the airborne guy to get here) He finally showed up and everything was in fine shape. I got 1 baby bimac, 500 amps, 100 baby clams and 4 pounds of red macro algae. (for my sump/fuge) I am very happy, it has been 4 years since my last ceph. I am really looking forward to the interaction, I have missed having a ceph greatly.... :biggrin2:
Congrats on getting your new bimac! :rainbow: How big is it now? Do constantly post in journals and photos, that way we can keep track of it. Speaking of 'it' , do you plan on naming it? :smile:

Congratulations on your baby octopus!

When you have a moment, please add your tank to our Octo Database (available from the Forum Index page).

Hi and welcome!! Any details on the other octopus you owned? Having the FedEx come with a new baby has got to be the hightlight of the day!!! I've done it twice so far!!!

Looking forward to pictures!!!


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