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MY 30gal cube for S Bandesis?

Apr 29, 2004

I have a 30gal oceanic cube tank setup. It has a aqua C remora skimmer, 20'' HOB fuge, 96watt PC, and 30lbs LR. Would this be ok for an S Bandesis? I could also add a can filter if i needed too. I been reading about them for some time now and think im am ready to do it. If i buy one it will be from octopets. Thx for your time and have a good one.


Aug 15, 2005
A 30 gal for a sepia bandensis is acceptable, housing two would be pushing it... octopet.com has not started selling bandensis yet as far as i know, although i emailed them about it last week and still havnt gottn a response