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Jul 11, 2003
Hey everyone,

i realize my insolence on ceph care and constant questions may get on your nerves but i appreciate all that you have helped me with so far. I belive that these questions were previously asked so i apologize. Which octo makes the best pet? i was thinking of getting one of the bimacs but i dont know which one. im obviously looking for one that i can watch, play with, and "get attached to." Also, i would like to know how much will EVERYTHING cost. everything includes the protein skimmer, tank, octo etc.

p.s- my questions will continue to rise once i get my octo thanks in advanced :biggrin2:
i dont think insolence is a very accurate word but thats off little consequence..... as for a cost analysis, id say get the equipment list, a decent search engine and the phone book and set to work....

“The doer alone learneth.”
- Friedrich Nietzsche

if not an exact quote, its close....and besides, i dont have the info myself :smile:
Hi again
its hard to say how much it will all cost as each shop is slightly different and as I am in the wrong continent from you I have no idea at all other than what i can find online for the equipment list :smile:

The bimac you are looking for has the scientific name of Octopus bimaculoides, thats the commonly kept species, the other bimac is Octopus bimaculatus which is not commonly seen. So when we say bimac just asume it is ...loides :smile:

Octopuses are tricky as far as 'getting attached to' as they naturally have very short life spans... even a captive raised species may only live for 10 months or so... so take that into consideration before buying one, some people may find that too stressful.
Hi Rockthis,

Octopuses have different personalities, even in the same species, and you might get one that is less outgoing. For instance, I can't play with my bimac unless he's in the mood, and the only game he really likes it tug of war with a stick. And he's not active for very much of the day - he mostly sits and watches. Ollie is most impressive when he's hunting live food, like shrimp or crabs.

I really enjoy keeping him and observing him, but an highly intereactive pet he's not.


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