More about the Ceph Care Book, now released

Beautiful book you two! I love the whole thing, the info, the pics, it was a lot of fun to look at the photo credits! I like the photography section, it's inspired me to pay more attention to all of the features on my camera I haven't explored yet.

I got to meet D and Rich at MACNA, and my kids and I loved looking for their photos and especially the one of Rich taking a picture. "Mom met a guy in the book! They took a picture of a guy taking a picture!!"

It is a great read as I was acclimating octo #3, the hint about putting a "cave" in the acclimation bucket totally worked! I had a smooth, ink free transfer and the book helped with the impatience of waiting for the big move!

I hope you don't mind if I share it with 2nd grade when they study "Ocean animals and habitats" in the spring...
Jean has kindly let me look through her copy. It's a really lovely book and the photos are fantastic. Thanks for the advice on getting good pics of our own animals, I was having difficulty with that but now I'm going to try different tactics. Also, because I hate sharing books and don't want to bother Jean every time I'd like to refer, I've ordered my own copy! :smile:
I also want to thank you for the simple suggestion about using the turkey baster on the LR during cleaning. It never occured to me to try that even though I use one on the rest of the substrate (that then gets it all over the LR) :oops:
Hey...I am getting a copy of your book for Christmas, however, my boyfriend is holding it hostage until then...He allowed me to look at the front cover and table of contents, though...It looks so great! Thanks so much! I'm so excited!
Hi Colin and Nancy,
The book is absolutely wonderful. Thanks so much for this long-overdue resource.

I set up my first Octopus tank over the summer, and during the planning stages I was intimidated by the lack of concise yet comprehensive resources. Obviously, I relied on the TONMO community for a HUGE amount of help and support (thanks to you all!), but I am also lucky enough to have access to academic journals, so I was able to refer to the small number of published methods papers. I don't know how anyone was brave enough to keep an Octopus without access to scientific methods papers UNTIL NOW; with the publication of this book, that has all changed. It is fantastic, and really covers everything you need to know to get started (luckily after reading the book it turns out I am doing most things right!).

On top of the content though, the pictures are incredibly beautiful. This would work easily as a coffee table book for those who don't intend keeping cephs, but just find them fascinating. I had so much fun trying to guess whose Octo is who's from the TONMO gang!

I do have one question though; what does the gorgeous image on page 238 depict? I can't immediately find the legend.....

I will write an Amazon review over the weekend, and I promise it will be a rave review.
Seriously, you should be REALLY proud of this book. What an achievement.
Thanks so much for the positive comments! We would really appreciate some additional reviews on Amazon - thanks for that too, in advance. It's gratifying to hear people say how much they like our book and how they find it useful.

Our photos are from a number of sources, many from Tonmo members. But TFH also used a few photos from their files and purchased photos - this was one of those. In addition, TFH has a policy of not putting captions on full page photos.

The mystery photo is a nautilus, a close-up so you can't see its shell except at the very top.


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