More about the Ceph Care Book, now released

This book is #1 on my son's birthday wish list. I hadn't got around to ordering it yet, but now that I know it has been released, I will be ordering it. Congratulations and I look forward to reading it with my soon to be 8 year old.
Jana, the book is written in a way that there's something for everyone! Your son should enjoy the excellent photos, too.

Jean, I guess now we can say the stress was worth it - although there were times when I wondered :smile:

Hooray! I just unpacked my copy and it looks amazing - what a fantastic job guys!

I am looking forward to taking an evening to read it all in detail and look closely at all of the stunning pictures.

Yes...I got the same email yesterday and at first did not know who it was! I'm so excited for both of you! I'm keeping fingers crossed my copy from Amazon will be in my mailbox today!!!!:smile:
Super cool guys! Mine arrived today. Looks soooooo good! Much congratulations!

That pic on page 193 though, way too sexy for a husbandry book! :grin:
I just got an email from TFH regarding the book. Apparently they are having to carefully cut out a picture on page 198 as it was causing a dip in sales... I have no idea what the pic is of as i DONT HAVE THE BOOK YET!!!
But they are advising that people wear dark glasses and use a pair of scissors to remove the offending image

:) LOL just kidding
I got mine today! Jess and I were jumping out of our skins as we unpacked it from the box. Nancy and Colin and everyone else who contributed....this is one beautiful creation of a book! I have not had the time to start reading the finished product yet, but I can see just by glancing the thought and time and expertise that was pooled together to create this. I am in awe....and Congratulations!!!!
:smile:probably so, D - page 198 is Ollie!

I'm so glad all of you are impressed with how the book looks.
We can credit the TFH book designer and the rest of the publication staff, but also all of you who contributed photos. It was no small job recruiting and coordinating so many excellent photos!

Whew, Glad at least WE have the same book :grin:

I am sitting here reading it (pg 83) and having fun guessing and looking up the photographers. I am 100% with Paradox's but don't score quite so well with some of the others :wink2:.

Thanks for getting Octane's name next to his photo! I don't guess I will ever not miss him and the lasting tribute is special.
I wrote many, but not all, of the captions. I wish I could have included all the octopus' names, but at least we have many photos.

These photos of our cephs in this book will be meaningful to all of us - it's no accident that there are Ollie photos in the book, too!

I hope to post a key to the photographers' names and their Tonmo names tomorrow.

Have a look at the preface and front matter - lots of references to Tonmo there.


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